Update on SATUK 2018 Elections

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The SATUK 2018/2019 Electoral Board regrets the delay in commencing the voting for School Representatives and the SATUK Council. This was occasioned by a mix up in the printing of ballot papers for the School Representatives. The Electoral Board refused to pick the ballot papers with anomalies and demanded that the printer should correct the anomaly on the ballot papers by separating the Female Aspirants and the Male Aspirants. This has since been done and the corrected ballot papers are already here. The elections will commence immediately.

In this regard we wish to inform the students to get ready to cast their votes in their various polling from 1:00PM and the delegates to assemble in front of the Main Hall at 1:00PM. The aspirants for the SATUK Council should bring their agents for introduction to the Electoral Board at the same time. The agents should carry their College Identification Cards.
We highly regret the delay and look forward to peaceful elections.

Electoral Board.