Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The following are the 2016/2017 Election Rules and Regulations:

  1. Campaigns officially begin after a candidate has been duly cleared.
  2. Candidates must abide by all University rules and regulations and laws of Kenya.
  3. A duly nominated candidate shall ensure that posters and all campaign materials are only put on the Notice Board and designated areas.
  4. No candidate or their agents may use glue for displaying posters and other campaign materials. Only masking tapes may be used.
  5. No campaigns outside the University Precincts or around Administration block.
  6. No bribery of voters and hooliganism threats shall be tolerated.
  7. There shall be No campaigning on Election Day - Thursday 13th October 2016.
  8. Candidates must not use abusive language at opponents and University staff during the campaigns.
  9. Use of violence or any activities that may lead to destruction of University property by a candidate or his agents and supporters is strictly prohibited.
  10. Any candidate or agent caught with election material such as ballot papers or any other privileged materials shall be disqualified and face disciplinary action thereafter.
  11. Any candidates who breaches these rules and regulations shall be disqualified and will be liable to face disciplinary action.
  12. All election grievances, complaints and anomalies to be reported to Electoral Board through Returning Officer.