Message from Directorate of Student Support Services

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dear Students,

I take this opportunity to inform you that the SATUK Constitution 2013 which has been under review was approved by the University Management and shall subsequently be promulgated in a ceremony to be presided over by the Vice Chancellor, in the presence of senior officers of the University and SATUK officials on Wednesday 24 th January, 2018 from 10:00am in the Main Hall. You are all invited to this auspicious ceremony.

Secondly, the End of Semester One Examinations is fast approaching and I take this chance to wish you all success as you prepare for the exams. Part of your preparation should involve crosschecking your course work marks and ensuring that you have marks for all the courses that you were registered in for this semester. In addition, ensure you comply with the requirements of the fee policy well before the examinations begin to avoid any inconveniences during the exams.

Thirdly, the University has noted with concern that some students have adopted the practice of posting greetings and other messages to other students using posters. The said posters are displayed on walls as opposed to the designated notice boards. I wish to remind all students that this is illegal and must stop forthwith, if you must wish anybody success in the exams kindly avoid posting the same on the University walls via posters bearing your photographs. Please note that the University shall surcharge every offending student for the cost of removing the posters and repainting the defaced walls.

Lastly, please note that the actual campaign period has not commenced and therefore all aspirants MUST desist from sticking POSTERS on the walls or any other places within the University precincts. The Election Board shall publish the rules and regulations for SATUK Elections 2018 in due course. Please familiarize yourself with them and comply.

Omondi Oketch, Ph.D.;MA; BE.d.
Associate Professor of Linguistics &
Director Students Support Services