IUPAC Workshop

Monday, January 25, 2016

IUPAC Workshop on Ecological Risk Assessment of Pesticides in East Africa

IUPAC in conjunction with CropLife, AGRO Division of the American Chemical Society and the Technical University of Kenya will be sponsoring a workshop on Ecological Risk Assessment for young scientists in East Africa as part of spreading one of IUPAC mandates which is to provide training to young scientists from government regulatory authorities, the industry, research institutions and academic sectors in developing nations who are involved in environmental risk assessment (ERA) and will in future provide leadership in implementation of sustainable development in their countries. This year’s workshop will run from February 25-26th 2016 in Sam Sung laboratory of the Technical University of Kenya. Six leading experts in risk assessment from USA, Canada and UK will be attending as lecturers. A total of 40 participants, inclusive of the lecturers as well as young scientists and PhD students from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania are expected to attend.

See attached call and programme.