Green Tuk Tuk Tour

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In celebration of the Hilton recycling week which took place from the 17th-21st of November 2014, the Hilton Nairobi conducted a series of activities to mark is achievements towards going green and improving its immediate environment. Amongst these activities was a short (complimentary) city tour which they offered for their valued guests aboard a green fuelled tuk tuk vehicle christened the “Hilton Zoomer”. The “Hilton Zoomer” is an initiative of the Technical University of Kenya which engaged with various partners in research and production of bio diesel fuel in early 2011. The University partnered with the Hilton Nairobi hotel which donated used cooking oil for the research project. The result was an energy efficient green fuel readily usable on a normal diesel powered engine and with no harmful effects to the environment. The green bio diesel fuel makes use of waste cooking oil which would otherwise cause environmental hazards if disposed and contributes to creating new sources of livelihood for the immediate population.