FAST Newsletter

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Welcome to the inaugural online edition of the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology’s (FAST) Newsletter! The Newsletter is intended to serve as a platform to showcase faculty’s achievements, keep whoever is interested current on the goings and the happenings within the faculty, connect the faculty staff, the larger university fraternity and the general public as well with updates on a broad array of issues emanating from and affecting the faculty. We hope to keep the format of the newsletter user friendly and readable at a glance. We also aim, in the long run, to publish and issue such a newsletter biannually. But for us to accomplish this goal, we shall heavily rely on your input —on your willingness to provide us with professional and personal news, feedback on possible improvements to the newsletter, highlights on what’s going-on in your respective schools and departments, and any other useful information/data concerning you, your academic field and your department — all that, and more, which you may want to share with your colleagues and the university.

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