Extension of Applications for Chairperson, School Representative, and Hostel Representative Posts

Friday, February 9, 2018

The TUK Electoral Board has noted with concern that candidates who applied for the posts for School Representatives and SATUK Chairman did not submit their nomination forms to the Director Student Support Services as required. Some Schools will therefore not have representation as stipulated in the SATUK Constitution.

To ensure that students elect leaders of their choice at the school level, the Electoral Board has decided to open the Students Portal to allow students from the following Schools to apply for nomination for the School Representatives post:
1. School of Creative Arts and Technology
2. School of Surveying and Geospatial Science
3. School of Physical Sciences and Technology
4. School of Architecture and The Built Environment

The position of SATUK Chair and the Hostel Representative (Ladies Hostel) also attracted few
candidates and the Electoral Board has extended the nomination for this position.

The deadline for submission of the nomination forms shall be on Monday 12 th February, 2018
by latest 3:00pm.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply so as to meet the constitutional requirement.

Omondi Oketch, Ph.D.; MA; BE.d.